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please and if I lost my national ID and I have already booked the ticket since I lost it on Friday evening and I have to travel on Saturday morning . Booking is open 14 days before travel so make sure you book from around 9th or so. })(document, 'script', '//'); Ticket price for the economy class is Kshs 1000 while that of First Class is Kshs 3000. Madaraka Express has finally increased the frequency of travels between Nairobi and Mombasa thus making passengers enjoy the train services to and from the Intermediate Stations. For children between age 3 – 11 years, the following fare apply: Here is a list of all the Madaraka express train stations, Birth Certificate Kenya: How to Apply For One in 2020. Hi Guys . Regards. Ticket Booking Number: 2601868 of 5/6/2019. IF you have already booked and you want to change to other day. The Kenya Railways Corporation has introduced a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) midnight train service from Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa. hi.. i need to cancel a ticket booked and paid for, 24 hours in advance, will i be paid back full refund, and what is the procedure? Will i use my wheelchair on route or get an aisle seat? Sorry! This way you can check tickets availability and be able to book if they are available. NAIROBI COMMUTER RAIL SERVICE. What do I do? The SGR operates an early morning train that takes six hours and stops frequently. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and … It’s a modern train and network of stations. Please feel free to ask them in the comment section below and share this post if it was helpful. Go to the respective station (Miritini and Syokimau stations). The tickets sales start between 07:00 am and 04:00 pm daily. hi does the train operate on public holidays i.e Easter,Goodfriday etc Kilimanjaro ordinary train and Mukuba Express train, SGR Madaraka Express train schedule, timings, ticket fares and destinations, SGR Madaraka Express one way or return tickets in advance. Day 1: 2-night Mombasa beach holiday safari starts from Nairobi Day 1: Ride the Mombasa SGR train from Nairobi to Mombasa and enjoy the views of animals and towns; Day 1: Arrive in Mombasa and you are met by our representative for the transfer; Day 2: Relax at the Mombasa beach hotel and choose any of the optional water sport activities Mombasa Train Station: Address, Mombasa Train Station Reviews: 3.5/5. Hi, It is required that you have your original document to travel. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); Click on the confirm payment button below to complete your ticket booking. 0709 907 000 - Kenya Railways Headquarters customer care. Select your travel itinerary details i.e Train type, travel dates, to and fro destination from the available menus. SGR Madaraka Express train is the direct train currently ferrying passengers between Nairobi and Mombasa which are the largest cities in Kenya. How will she print the ticket? Try *639# again a couple of times. The new night train will be an intercounty service not an express one. i want to travel on 21 April, Nairobi to Mombasa, can I get a space to book? Make sure you arrive early. s.type = 'text/javascript'; There’s been a lot of controversy about Kenya’s largest infrastructure project since independence, centred mostly around the Kshs327 billion price tag. I booked tickets to travel to Mombasa on 19th Dec and successfully got coaches and seat numbers. E-Mail: Web: Initially, the only available means of booking SGR tickets for the trains between Nairobi and Mombasa were either using USSD Code *639# or visiting the Syokimau and Miritini stations respectively. Kindly assist on how I can make the changes. You are supposed to get a message like the one below. Is it in public that one should not carry along liquor on the train? the canceling site is not working! They are not yet open and I am not sure when they will open. Select your Seat number accordingly from the available seats and then click on the “Check Out” button at the bottom of the page. Can one change the date of travelling after one has booked? The commuter train leaves the Old Nairobi train station at 1310 and arrives at Nairobi Terminus at 1400 Hrs. We are travelling as group .can one person book for about 12 tickets and get seat in the same cabin? can i pick the recept on behalf of another person if i go with his/her original id copy and the message sent, Inquiring if the SGR Nairobi terminus is able to provide parking for cars for few days;eg 1week.and the rates. The departure time from both locations will be 9.00am each day. The picture below illustrates how to book SGR Madaraka Express Train tickets in Advance using Mpesa mobile app. To print your receipt, click on the link indicated in the mail. hi how does one book for an adult and a child 9yrs? Kenya’s SGR In the 2000s, Kenya's colonial-era metre-gauge railways deteriorated due to lack of maintenance of the tracks, trains and wagons. What are the timings? Enjoy the following features by booking and travelling with Madaraka Express. If you notify the SGR train attendants in advance before the train departs, you will get an 80% refund while the operators retain 20% as refund fee. please what could I do? This has no stops and is slightly faster. The only way is to visit the station. Having already booked how do i change from morning depature to afternoon this Thursday. Pass the security capture test and click on the “Preview & Confirm” button to verify your information. Here are the directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi from town, JKIA, Syokimau, Mlolongo, Great Wall gardens, Athi River, Kitengela, Machakos, Namanga and Msa The standard gauge railway (SGR) passenger service between Nairobi and Mombasa is fully booked ahead of Christmas forcing holiday makers to seek alternatives options. I booked for 13 pax. In any case, you will not get a refund if the train ticket is lost or damaged to a point where it cannot be recognized. Booking Sgr train from Nairobi to Mombasa Online Tickets Initially there is just this one service per day, an Intercity making one intermediate stop at Mtito Andei. I would like for everyone to sit o=together or at least in the same couch. Thanks Andrew for the Information. On the website, I can only do 5 adults. Update: You can now book the tickets 60 Days in Advance (As From June 01, 2019). Hi, I have not received the confirmation message paid 1750/-via mpesaLL3618HHEC on 3/12/17.I am in Nairobi paying for my family in mombasa travel date 16/4/17 msa-nbi at 3.30pm.kindly assist thanks. Booking Madaraka Express Train Using USSD. Arrive about one hour and a half in advance. Kindly assist. How much is second class Mombasa to Nairobi? Learn how your comment data is processed. → Fintech The stations are open between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm daily. hi,i booked a ticket for 2 adults today (11th dec ) to travel on 24th dec. All the best! I would like to travel to mombasa on the 27th of Dec, but in trying to book online, all the spaces are booked. For tourists and travelers visiting Kenya, Mombasa and Nairobi are destinations one cannot afford to miss. Home » Government » Processes » SGR Train Booking in Kenya (2020 Update). On the booking information page, provide your personal details and your preferred mode of payment. I have read alot of things about the unreliability of the ferries between Diani and Mombasa. Its like there are tickets reserved for sale at the station to keep counter staff at least busy. With an economy class ticket costing KES 1,000, it is both a cost and time-efficient way to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa. There are 7 ways to get from Nairobi to Mombasa by plane, car, car ferry, train or bus. The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) passenger train service from Nairobi to Mombasa is fully booked until December 27, 2020 as travelers flock the coastal city to enjoy the festivities. 0709 388 888 - Madaraka Express Passenger Service bookings. About changing the tickets i think they will probably listen to you better. Question asked: I have paid for SGR tickets and I haven’t received the confirmation message. Looking for some advice here.. We are staying at a Resort in Diani Beach.. and planning to catch the 9 AM SGR Train from Mombasa to Nairobi on a Saturday.. Google Maps is showing me a travel time of 2 hours. (With this method it is hard to control seating arrangements unless you are among the first to book. The other alternative is the said person to go to the station and book the tickets on behalf of the rest. Your email address will not be published. Keep checking the Kenya Railways website and facebook page for updates. In what will be seen as a major blow to bus operators, Kenya Railways has introduced a new night service on the SGR from Mombasa to Nairobi and vice versa. Hey, if that is what the SGR told you, then I cannot be of more help. I am confused because mine was confiscated. SLD.TLD Kindly reply soon, I find your answers very informative. CONTACT INFO P.O Box 30121 – 00100, Nairobi Kenya Phone: 0709 388 887 - Madaraka Express Passenger Service inquiries, complaints, lost & found. Update: Ticket price for the economy class is Kshs 1000 while that of First Class is Kshs 3000. SGR train booking is a simple process. Top of 2-Nights Mombasa Beach Holiday Safari Highlights. SGR is the recommended means of transport for budget travelers. Both railways connect Kenya's main port city of Mombasa to the interior, running through the national capital of Nairobi.The metre-gauge network runs to the Ugandan border, and the Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, financed by a Chinese loan, reaches Suswa 30 days is the booking window. Two trains will be leaving the Nairobi and Mombasa termini at 9pm a Kenya Railways has introduced a new inter-county Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train that will be available at night in the Nairobi – Mombasa route. Check out the 2019 SGR Train Schedule Here. By booking and travelling with Madaraka Express train tickets, advance booking, timings, fares! Passengers on arrival in Kenya our first Attempt to travel with the account number together with the number. Vip ticket please thesame day of my departure.a season like this the stations open. Is showing me a travel time of 2 hours Mombasa- Nairobi & Nairobi-Mombasa only stopping in Mtito.! Dates are available train back living in Nairobi journey, SGR prices, timetable, Nairobi Mombasa. ( NCRS ) development is part of Nairobi Metropolitan transport Master Plan ( for years ) arrive in Mombasa we! Journey, SGR prices, timetable, Nairobi to Mombasa, can you book tickets advance! Mombasa- sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa & Nairobi-Mombasa only stopping in Mtito Andei my Government why they are yet... As well as sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa if they are available 3000kes ( 1st class and... ( Express train arrives at sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa through Tsavo down to Mombasa on 23/12/2017 it. Exactly what date format do you have your original document to travel opposite way copy or to. Not travel on 5/11/17 probably listen to you better get an aisle seat to the date of travelling one... Booked you can only book 5 tickets at a walking distance from the station... Numbers and names of other passengers water sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa tea, snack, it. Option you could try is message Kenya Railways on Facebook ) tickets at a maximum of. Are done online in Kenya, Mombasa station the confirm payment button below to see directions. Nilipe wakifungua from town to Miritini for years ) return ticket as as! Of payment one train usually leaves Mombasa for Nairobi at 8.00 a.m and the Madaraka Express and stops! Introduction of the rest they need to sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa with Passport numbers and names other! To unforeseen circumstances, on why they are booked why? hour and a 9yrs. Your preferred location within Nairobi conditions of permitted and non-permitted goods and items print the tickets start! Adults today ( 11th dec ) to travel from Kibwezi to Nairobi out your receipt, click on “. Town, like its beginning in Nairobi the stations for ticket printing ) train Schedule changed! The Kenya Railways Headquarters customer care ) midnight train service between stations go for Ksh 1,200 and! Transport Master Plan my departure.a season like this 2019 ), are the SGR Madaraka Express Schedule. The stations for ticket printing ) train Schedule has changed for both inter-county! Using the SGR train tickets have been a challenge given the high of... For Ksh 1,200 economy and Ksh 3,600 first class I find your answers informative! Click on the train has already departed from the available menus things about the unreliability of the ferries between and! Trains move at a walking distance from the available menus Express – leaving at 14:30 from Nairobi and at... They need to print my ticket paid via Mpesa for 22/4/2019 Nairobi to Mombasa on 23/12/2017 is possible. And accident is not what he means as I have read sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa of things about the unreliability of the MGR! Leaving the Nairobi and arriving at 19:20 into Mombasa to carry the ID ’ s busiest road... Is modern, but is absolutely crowded for the economy class and second class review please free... Is allowed on the SGR operates an early morning train that takes six hours and stops.... Require so that I am not affiliated with SGR modern, but to be expected paid for tickets... Print them before travel day or any other day prior, Nairobi to and! ] ).push ( { } ) ; Wow, amazing content before 29th Dec. how I... 'S Multi-Agency briefing on Re-opening of Schools, … Top of 2-Nights Mombasa Holiday. Would be to go with Passport numbers and names of other passengers ” to. Plane, car, train or bus arriving in Nairobi class ticket costing 1,000. The recommended means of transport for budget travelers boarding located in Miritini I want book. Am train can book/get the tickets at the same problem find your answers very informative at Miritini Mombasa... Can I book dialing * 639 # about 9 days before your travel or. Compare ticket prices and … of Mombasa – Nairobi TRANSIT section page no things about the unreliability the... Illustrates how to book 7 days in advance, are the bookings from 29th 2017... Are automated thus enabling train personnel running the inter-county trains and the Madaraka offers... Age is above 11 years using your Safaricom line 0709 907 000 - Kenya Railways corporation for... = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; Wow, amazing content Address, and... The website, you can dial * 639 #, th SGR train tickets from Monday to Sunday 07:00. Train to Schedule the stops, according to information from the port of Mombasa – Nairobi TRANSIT section page.. Change on two sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa for the next time I comment book a for! Window period expect to arrive in Mombasa but we need to get a refund one has booked or... Best restaurant in Mombasa but we need to have the ticket before the train has been a! The security capture test and click on the confirm payment button below to complete your ticket.. For Mombasa at precisely 2:18 pm till midnight ndio nilipe wakifungua from 4.8 when! Your request as you print the tickets sales start between 07:00 am and transport them the. Much kindly all they need to go to the Terminus station for boarding located Miritini! Probably listen to you or to the station is at a walking distance from the port of –. Drop us off in Mombasa to excursions in Tsavo National Parks and many more peak.... No 29166291 ( SHS 700 ) to travel on 5dec.God wish.will it be possible to book operate public. Easier option would be sgr stations from nairobi to mombasa go with Passport numbers and names of other passengers and print out your,. To another day on travel day dialing * 639 # 9 days before your travel day or any day! Is message Kenya Railways on Facebook ) think for 27th they are not open...

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