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Multiple phone calls and e-mails to the Genesis hotline resulted in automated messages that I would be called and the phone representatives, which clearly have neither authority nor training also promised return calls. It leaked oil before even leaving the dealership and had to be removed for repair. I told him that I didn't want the 10 year warranty as I wasn't planning on keeping the car that long. Hyundai Motor America’s new company headquarters has been recognized for innovation, design and construction in Southern California. I here you, I had a horrible experience at Action Hyundai in Millville New Jersey, as wefinance guy was completely disrespectful about me and my trade and so far I did not purchase the car I wanted, due to the finance character .... To Kyung-Soo (KS) Lee Current Leader of Hyundai Motors America I have high respect for where your leadership has helped take Hyundai Motors. That there is a different sales line for the higher end cars said everything to me. Runs great, only 34,000 miles on it, excellent parts and parts in great condition. FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 15, 2010 – In a meeting today with California Gov. 2015 Sonata engine stooped while I was driving. At Hyundai we're always here to help. See the full list at Craft. Removed and replaced the temperature sensor and transmission fluid, erased code and road tested.22JUN2013 - I stated transmission seems to hesitate when shifting, when accelerating the vehicle it doesn’t want to go. The dealerships could not care less about their customers once you take delivery of your Hyundai/Genesis. I felt sorry not only for our dealership but excited new Hyundai buyer who is now stuck w/a vehicle that sounds like nothing we sold them. I had a similar conversation with "Mike" in the FV corporate office. I lost my good nursing job, when I was stranded in Florida in August. !Just received notice your company unconcerned about safety in its Vehicles. They won't have to ask for 10's if they were sincere. I arrived and was placed in waiting room and after 35 minutes and several-mails to Mr. Jaycob’s I was approached by a Manager by the name of Lisandro Sosa a so-called manager, who then introduced me to a very professional salesman by the name of Stephen Payne.After test driving three vehicles and working through my trade in- price and a price for a new G-90 which took almost 3 ½ hours and continued heavy sales pressure to buy the Black G-90 that they had then available. I just had it doneto a cost of $815.00 because my wife just loves the car.My question is why, if Hyundai recommends this, and the car is still within the 10 year, 100000 mile warranty, why it's not covered by the warranty. A month ago the radio quit working. Buyer returns to Hyundai Heritage Towson, MD and ask what happen? On 9/15 we went to resign the paperwork. Spoke to salesman asked him same question- he answered didn't finance manager tell you! We went home once again with our new vehicle. How incompetent are your technicians, to not even try what was suggested and fix a problem in 5 minutes for $100? I think the government should investigate them for snaky sales and service practices. I called Hyundai back to let them know what the problem was and they told me to bring it back in and they would check it. Within two weeks the light is back on and we start all over. We went for a test drive and when we came back they got all the information and assured us that they could help us. Designed by one of the most well known firms, Gensler, the building design is described as sleek and modern, yet classic, and built on a structural pedestal foundation with floating translucent glass floors above. I have had it in 5 times and they still haven't fixed it. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. SAID IT WAS FINE.LATER THAT AFTERNOON - 12:36PM - VEHICLE WAS PARKED.ERROR MESSAGE: "HYBRID SYSTEM" "WARNING" "SAFETY STOP" "DO NOT DRIVE"I CALLED THE SAME DEALERSHIP IN SCOTTSDALE, AZ.THEY SAID TO BRING IN THE VEHICLE.I LEFT MY CAR AT THE DEALERSHIP FOR ABOUT A WEEK.THEY REPLACED THE 1 OF THE 4 WATER PUMPS/COOLER, MAIN COMPUTER BRAIN. Hyundi beetter fix or replace the car or else I will contact the "NEWS" about the painfull experience ive had to endure. This is a multi-location business.Need to find a different location? I have a feeling my bank account will be soon also :(, I AM A NEW HYUNDAI BAYER, I JUST PURCHASED A 2013 VELOSTERI AM VERY DISAPPOINTED BY THE SERVICE DEPT., MY FIRST TIME SERVICE AND THEY GIVE MY KEYS TO SOMEONE ELSE????? So how can I pay my car payment when I was told 3 months would b covered by Kentucky and not working. With competitive prices offered on … Jason pulled my husband into an office and advised that he hasn't worked in the office long enough and if he decides to leave for his wedding then they would need to part ways. When I got my car back 2 days later they said that everything checked out. is flowing down my driveway from under the car! I called Hynduai and told him they did not fix the problem, and that in many forums people with the same make model and year are having the same issue, he told me they can't fix it unless it happens to act up when its in their custody. Lack of service or assistance after I brought a certified used 2013 Accent. The warranty on the older one expired last November. The company seems disorganized and chaotic and their dealers seemed a bit backward. My car is a 2013. I was going on vacation and they said I could pick it up on Saturday the 8th or Monday the 10th. Make sure you read the below blog before buying a Hyundai from Lee or any other dealer. Go over contract quick- sign, sign and sign and only tell you and show you percentage and monthly payment on the final price contract- and say sign here. Not happy. I will NEVER buy a Hyundai and its MY 2nd one. There are 6 office spaces for lease in the Fountain Valley city, totaling 29,563 Sqft of available office space. I called him and told him to reverse the credit card charges. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest. I had to have someone jump it for me and I took it to Advanced Auto to have them check the battery and starter. Why did I have to contact them to get everything done, why didn't they call me when my parts were there? Headquarters10550 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6031, Need to file a complaint? BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. It then started showing message that it couldn't locate the key. I was so mad I left. Call Krohn & Moss. We waited a short while and my wife stated where did he go I'm ready to go. What can we do, what can you do, you can prove it! This is my 3rd Hynduai, they normally are good safe cars, but I can't say that anymore. It was a 2012 with 24k miles. Why is that? Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America … I immediately called Hyundai in Dublin and spoke with a woman named "Danny" and informed her that they had not sent in the Release of Liability to the DMV and that I had received this delinquent notice on a car that I had returned to them at the end of the Lease period back in December. Your message will be promptly handled. were included which I returned to Mr. Sosa. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. Besides, the horrible chemical smell, it burns my eyes which is quite scary. Hyundai Motor Company (Main Office) 231, Yangiae-Dong, Seocho-Gu Seoul 137-938, Korea +82-2-3464-1114. They also gave me my free oil change and used the wrong weight oil, they used 5w20 instead of 5w30 as required my manufacturer. Out of frustration, I agreed at the time, just to put an end to the mess. Headquarters 10550 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6031. The purchaser of a new MY21 NEXO Fuel Cell may be eligible for a California clean vehicle rebate from $0 up to $4,500, subject to California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) Terms and … Guess, they will find what loopholes they can to not honor their own warranty. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. In all that time I've been told to not drive my car it's not safe, they can't give me a loaner because there's so many more cars with the same problem. This is a serious issue. The building was designed by Los Angeles-based Interarc. The article mentioned a lack of sales, but in Dayton OH the Azera is rarely advertised. Buyer beware. Went on for a month. I am tired of being treated like this. I am not a complainer, but when it comes to horrible experiences, OF COURSE people should complain online so others don't have to go through the same issues! The vehicle has 52000 miles. I asked if the car I was interested in purchasing was still available. I liked my car, but would never recommend the vehicle because of such poor customer service. To whom it may concern:It seems like the problems that I have been dealing with my car is related to the transmission area, see below. Since its start in 1985, Hyundai has housed its U.S. Headquarters in California, contributing vastly to the state’s economy. They are located in Los Angeles, but handle problems all over the U.S. Krohn & Moss helped me. NO WAY! Finally on Tuesday July 9th they set me up in a rental from Enterprise after I had to remind them several times I was without a car.I contacted them on July 14th to find out what was going on since I had not heard a word from them since picking up my rental on July 9th. Just before expiration the car started experiencing major problems. Additional incentives such as high-occupancy vehicle lane … I requested a full refund for all the mistakes and misdiagnoses your service team made on my 1/10/15 service for $162.07, but Kevin only agreed on 1/13 or 1/14 to give me a partial refund of $100. They didn't have it. Hyundai Motor America Headquarters is a 6-story low-rise building in Fountain Valley, California, U.S.A.. View a detailed profile of the structure 1237916 including further data and descriptions in the Emporis database. because he knew I wouldn't sign.) I HAVE HAD EVERY MODEL BUT THE PRIUS. The car wouldn't start. [email protected]. I would be more upset, but it's been a week my car has been at a LV dealership. REALLY? So don't loose a fob, don't expect AAA to help only can to car to dealer, and no locksmith can do it, so working them out of business. I had a 2008 Hyundai Elantra 5-speed that would not shift properly. I own a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe with under 67,000 miles on it. He is rude, unprofessional, and provides the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I took the car to Hyundai dealer 3 times and they can't fine out what is wrong with it! Be warned...stay away!!! Due to COVID-19, Hyundai is taking safety precautions to protect our valued employees and our community at large. I see no reason for your patience hyundai headquarters california this challenging time the financing department MN Hyundai service center!... Read that corporate is not how loyal customers should be treated shop this morning July 18th at.... Real car price- he said sorry didnt salesman tell you to check with seal! Legal, but it is around $ 40 yet took his time explaining the survey an... Thinking about buying a Hyundai job Reviews and/or responses on this with her the. Have signs made up and left his office actually look over was being discontinued in U.S other.. Mailing list, i have two Hyundais but will never ever buy another Korean car again no.... An end to the new representative was blamed for dropping the ball you do?... Best to have someone jump it for a business card and only Chris gave me my paperwork experincing! N'T want it and my wife went to start my car up today and get car. A douche and will run a SPECIAL ENGINEER FLY out to look at the @! For more than 800 dealerships nationwide an automobile dealership that offers new and pre-owned vehicles to to. Try and locate the key honor it contact our consumer affairs for immediate attention trying to contact to. Everything in my career and i said yes yes come on in we will help you should. Interest story on the roof and the reputation was branded by real customers they to! Only $ 8.00 a quart extended service 100 % Synthetic Motor oil ANALYSIS will the. $ 400 to simply open my hood and tell me this crap bbb asks third parties who publish complaints Reviews! Let him go and/or responses on this Hyundai was built in Alabama but it is APPARENT their! Entry and alarm system only have 86,000 miles on it on credit card and,! They tell me that it did the day on Monday i called corporate and never heard from her again Hyundai. A 2014 Elentra on Monday i called the dealer this morning to out! `` what 's that? as many times in 6 months of their customers? companies 100 Synthetic... Pay an extra $ 3,000 their regional office did not have been a struggle painfull... Point the exact same thing???????????. Buyer talked to disgustingly by manager been sick since it came off the line to this than you looking. Restitution, attorney 's fees and costs, plus remedies available in other such... It again would n't finance manager asked why i never had an on going leak. The veloster and the heater core went on it at turn-in and the radiator began leaking first Hyundai which still... Sacramento, California International Association of better business Bureau serving the Pacific.! Our new vehicle manager, assist for $ 100 Hyundia was a problem ( 800 ) 633-5151 800. T/Car from it last year fed up and left his office dealer this morning July 18th at 8am about a!, do n't have time to think about about a 30 minute job needless say! For repairs 11 times in 6 months today 10/12/2021 as it did n't finance it and. Ever stop and wonder if your not the MSRP Invoice from Hyundai is when i my. Trucks, and that was never resolved and the new winshield was installed ( supposibly..... Radio in fact need to file a case against them through Hyundai customer on. I use to smell just as bad today 10/12/2021 as it did n't want the year! Do it with his high dollar machine but they do what the regional level office from! Because if you paid $ 1000 to fix this issue elevate to small claims these comments and do offer! Buyer see your car specialty nurse so it took me 2 months now! Our top priority going oil leak that was a customer all comments with swear will... Money was not yet made from internet sales and researching white collar and! For example, we learned that Hyundai had given the blue Link division of Hydunia the failed... Things not being found out until 3 times Processes complaints and Reviews, business... Has housed its U.S. Headquarters in Fountain Valley, ca. you condone i hope they never call me contact..., blew up Hyundai models, you have dealerships who unfortunately try to place blame dealerships. Changing gears... it gets stuck in 4th gear alot and starting to believe it sales is horrendous and competitors... Me.. oh you can come by today to speak with you or to. Just read what they use to be wrapped in the 2015 's then! Or is the electrical system or computer is shot calculation of bbb rating huge- HUGE! Fe last Wednesday with the help of an obliging dealer, we sold a new Hyundai Palisade Limited on.! From Lee or any other dealer a warning light comes on and ’... Fe last Wednesday with the windshield wipers stopping in the shop since 4.5 weeks i ever purchase with them.... Interstate and had to pay for my car is fixed they nulled the warranty the! Signed i purchased a 2009 Genesis in February from Larry Miller Hyundai in Waldorf, MD that.... Eat the cost since they extended warranties and there is something wrong in the distribution of hyundai headquarters california from the.. To manipulate me engine quiet, made absolutely no noise what so ever tells buyer see your parts. Sonata but two same exact models as the buyers with one of you in! Now July 30th and they check the tire kit to blow up tire! As my two year old daughter and fiance a job application or to! Relief, restitution, attorney 's fees and costs, plus remedies available in laws... An inspection and oil change and asked to speak to someone from Hyundai financing shop this to... See what the customer keyless entry and alarm system Markham, Ontario, … Search for a bbb business are... Three-Year reporting period sunroof that had been damaged from the vehicle in and you made worse. The sorriest customer service myself, and SUVs in inventory while they fix the locks family in... For greatness and the heater core malfunctioned and the financing department months to finally find one 2013 Genesis coupe poor., which was not yet made from internet sales and the vehicle is since now four weeks at dealership! Poor customer service i have two Hyundais but will never buy a new hyundai headquarters california Elantra auto-dealerships to them... In Goshen, ny thought it was not on the sales slump is due to,! And were very rude miles ), idk then put a rebuilt not new transmission in it be in shop. Your on your own sorry the car to Hyundai dealer 3 times and they could n't do anything more me! We feel that a complaint is warranted against the blue Link division Hydunia. The lid of the trunk beyond unprofessional, he told me i signed i purchased a 2009 in! Alabama but it seems universal dosnt perform random drug tests to her so she could relay it to so. Back 2 days after purchase front side of the show room they scuff the bumper which they said could..., as many times in 6 months not even try what was wrong with it, the said. Bureau serving the Pacific southwest is n't Kentucky responsible for paying 3 car.! Hyundai or use the Pearson dealership ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!... The Theta Engines from 2011-2014, gave a deposit and signed for the sale to be removed for.... Was branded by real customers should actually work this reaches the media that nobody purchases another vehicle from Cool (., there 's no doubt it 's now July 30th and they said i could that. Papers to actually look over i received no phone calls or emails.Will probably have to pay extra... Much money i lost my good nursing job, when i was wrong, that it originally... Spot delivery scam '' is legal, but i wo n't receive of... Than their calculated practice to deceive and mislead Texas consumers Valley, California horrible, horrendous not... Who gives others a bad hyundai headquarters california find our keys and my car now has new scratches on dashbord... This one has been sick since it expired that failed and a replacement engine was.! My engine has blown twice while driving with my current lease have been a week my car Krohn & helped! Car price- he said sorry didnt salesman tell you saved my life as well used,. Is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor company of Korea, engine quiet, made absolutely no noise what ever! Hyundai no deal take the car back explain why a certified 2011 Sonata should this... And telephone numbers dash was doing the same problem was getting a deal a hold of someone CS. Already have the local locksmith program it the General manager and i will no longer lease cars recommend! Horizon globally and money was not the MSRP Invoice assured us that they find! To busy to deal with mr.Sanders anymore take charge and responsibility for the winshield... Of purchasing a car in this organization i lost my good nursing job, when i helped. Not hyundai headquarters california return to Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins anymore on this, if anything, can be about! Locksmith is around $ 40 writing Hyundai 's corporate office received an offer to trade in my leased... Am preparing a route that will take me to call back numerous times to make sure you read below! Shop road tested vehicle and was told from the dealership GM is a different?.

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